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Black Heart Gold Podcast 155

February 4th, 2015

Adam was busy on Wednesday night, so Vint's flying solo on this week's episode. Have no fear, though: He's joined by a BHGP regular. Fellow podcaster, INP generator and Twitter bon vivant Planned Sick Days is on the show to discuss National Signing Day in the only way we know how.  Which is, sarcastically and with a complete lack of hope.

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Black Heart Gold Podcast 154

January 20th, 2015

Football season has finally come to an end, and as much as Jacobi and I might want to talk about the greatest fake sports event of the year -- Sunday's Royal Rumble -- we figured you'd probably rather hear something about basketball.  So we have brought back Friend of the Pants, Burlington Hawk beat writer and Twitter superhero John Bohnenkamp (@johnbohnenkamp) to talk about the season to date, this week's game against Wisconsin, and what might lie ahead for the Hawkeyes.

And, of course, because it's a new sports season, we have new podcast theme music.  Who loves you?  BHGP loves you, baby.

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Black Heart Gold Podcast 153

January 7th, 2015

Podcasts with our good friend Marc Morehouse (@marcmorehouse) are less interview and more discussion.  There aren't questions so much as issues.  And with a smoldering crater where the Iowa football offices used to be following the Hawkeyes' implosion at the Taxslayer Bowl and soul-crushing 7-6 season, there are plenty of issues to discuss.  So it's an hour of Mas Casa, and we think it's well worth it.

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Black Heart Gold Podcast 152

December 31st, 2014

We've had breaks for weddings and holidays this year, but Black Heart Gold Podcast wouldn't finish 2014 without one more show. This time, it's a Taxslayer Bowl preview with Will Shelton (@wshelton2) from SB Nation Tennessee site Rocky Top Talk.  We discuss old video games, Phil Fulmer, and the art of being Josh Dobbs.

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Black Heart Gold Podcast 150

November 30th, 2014

It's one of the big ones: Episode 150. And while we're certainly proud of the accomplishment, the postseason news continues to flood us.  So where we've done retrospectives in the past, today we look forward.  We are first joined by Brian Cook from mGoBlog to discuss the coaching situation at Michigan.  Then, in the second part of the show, we talk with former Hawkeye tight end (and potential future Iowa assistant) Marv Cook about his time at Iowa, his current view of the coaching staff, and his son, Iowa commit Drew Cook.

One might say this episode has Too Many Cooks.
Of course, since it's episode 150, we made up some new theme music.  Hope you enjoy it.
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Black Heart Gold Podcast 151

November 26th, 2014

We have reached the last week of the NOVEMBER OF HATE, and with Nebraska rolling into Kinnick Stadium this weekend, we called up Brian Towle (@btbowling) of Corn Nation.  This phrase actually gets used: "I don't see how Nebraska could win this game."  But who said it?  What a mystery!  This show is as hot as Bo Pelini's seat.

NOTE: You didn't miss Podcast 150.  It's a very special episode currently in post-production, and will go up next week.
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Black Heart Gold Podcast 149

November 21st, 2014

For Wisconsin Week, we're joined by Jake Kocorowski (@JakeKocoB5Q), the podcast guy at our Wisconsin sister site Bucky's 5th Quarter. We discuss Melvin Gordon, Melvin Gordon, the quarterback situation, Melvin Gordon, the Four Horsemen, and then some Melvin Gordon.

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Black Heart Gold Podcast 148

November 13th, 2014

We contacted our old friend, CBS Sports college football guy and former Champaign Room proprietor Tom Fornelli (@TomFornelli) about being on this week's podcast.  It took us about three minutes to realize that none of us were particularly interested in this game.  And that's when this became the most heavily-edited BHGPodcast in history. The 45 minutes that are least likely to get us thrown in jail are what's left for you.

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Black Heart Gold Podcast 147

November 6th, 2014

It comes down to this: Four consecutive HATE WEEKS with border rivals, with a division title on the line. That means four consecutive HATE WEEK podcasts, which always end up in a pile of fire and beer. 

We start with those Iowa fans in the northern tier of the state: Minnesota, with erstwhile Friend of the Pants Matt Humbert (@MVofDT) of The Daily Gopher. Matt asks if we hate ourselves. We admit that, yeah, we do.  Our apologies for the occasional sound hiccups; we promise it's worth it.
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Black Heart Gold Podcast 146

October 16th, 2014

Tonight, we are joined by Pete Volk (@Pete_Volk), managing editor at Testudo Times and SB Nation college football contributor, to discuss this weekend's Iowa-Maryland game...or at least something like that. We take a detour to Flavortown, make a stop at Do You Even Want to Be in the Big Ten City, and end up in wherever Purdue is.

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